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Unamerikan Activities

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Pete Young
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ang moh, caraiba, cracker, farang, gaijin, gringo, haole, honky, kafir, mzungu, moun vini, toubab, white ghost...

When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system's game. The establishment will irritate you: pull your beard, flick your face to make you fight. Because once they've got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don't know how to handle is non-violence and humour.
– John Lennon

Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.
– James Baldwin

Non-violence is a powerful and just weapon. It is a weapon unique in human history, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals.
– Martin Luther King, Why We Can't Wait, 1964

The point of non-violence is to build a floor, a strong new floor, beneath which we can no longer sink. A platform which stands a few feet above napalm, torture, exploitation, poison gas, A and H bombs, the works. Give man a decent place to stand.
– Joan Baez

World politics must be guided by non-violent principles that steer away from revenge, oil politics and poor nations choosing arms over bread.
– Barbara Reynolds, USA Today, 15 January 1993

"Terrorism" is what we call the violence of the weak, and we condemn it; "war" is what we call the violence of the strong, and we glorify it.
– Sydney J. Harris, Clearing the Ground, 1986

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