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2011 books

29) Lafcadio Hearn, Chinese Ghost Stories: Curious Tales of the Supernatural, 2011
First published as Some Chinese Ghosts in 1887, this collection of six stories is more accurately subtitled Curious Tales of the Supernatural as it contains two that have supernatural aspects that do not feature ghosts. All set among the early Chinese dynasties, Hearn relates these traditional tales secondhand as the bookish outsider that he was, living at the time in New Orleans yet fascinated by the mysterious East. For this edition Hearn's frequent use of literal Chinese sounds has been standardised into pinyin yet the stories all retain a heavy-handed 'properness', an archaic formality that says Hearn clearly did not write these using his own journalistic voice, but for amateur Sinologists this is probably a good companion volume to the better-known Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio, also recently published by Tuttle. [Edited; see comments]
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