Pete Young (peteyoung) wrote,
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Lives of Photographs, 37.1

my god, it's full of stars   my god, it’s full of stars II

I've mentioned before how the photo on the left came about in March, but a newer version has today appeared as the cover of Vector #256 (the journal of the British Science Fiction Association), an issue which features tributes to and discussion of Arthur C. Clarke, who was President of the BSFA.

despotliz kindly asked to use the first image on the cover but I wanted to improve upon it. A photo of my iPhone – the iPhone is far more obelisk-like, y'see – was taken at a similar angle to the previous image and dropped onto the same star-like background (actually a café table in Hong Kong). I had to heavily retouch the iPhone for smoothness and make it blend in properly, then I used a famous image of Clarke on the display, tilted it back and added some lens flare (I tried uploading the photo onto my iPhone first and taking a photo of that, but it lost too much clarity). There's also a detail only really visible on the magazine cover: reflected at the bottom left corner of the iPhone you can see Conway Hall in London, where the BSFA holds its AGM.
Tags: arthur c. clarke, bsfa, lives of photographs, photography

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